[RFI] 160m-5mhz noise?

Rich wd3c at aol.com
Sun Nov 8 18:07:38 PST 2009



Sound more like data. Any BPL around ?

Take a listen to some of the sound clips at the bottom of this link.


Sam Morgan wrote:
> Rich wrote:
>> If you can hear it on 160  you should be  able to use a portable AM 
>> radio with
>> the built in loop stick antenna.
> update:
> this morning I went the other way, down in frequency to 1.700mhz
> at 1.700mhz and the frequency's below that are clear
> I found the lowest point that the noise starts is 1.705mhz
> it starts abruptly and immediately at 1.705mhz
> it's not there on 1.700mhz
> but is S9+30 at 1.705mhz
> here is a clip of one place where I found a cyclic noise on 1.736.74 using LSB
> http://pages.suddenlink.net/k5oai/audio/1736noise.mp3
> here is a clip of me tuning across the 1.700mhz - 1.705mhz point
> I was listening using AM. there is a weak station at the 1st
> when I was on 1.700mhz.
> I went from 1700 through 1705, then back down to 1700
> and then back and forth across the 1705 point it popped up.
> http://pages.suddenlink.net/k5oai/audio/1705noise.mp3
> by about 1.776 it is starting to sound like my elevated noise floor
> goes all the way up to 5.0mhz with S9 to S9+10 on LSB
> by 6.0mhz it is gone and I have my normal S3-4-5 noise floor
>> Sam Morgan wrote:
>>> About 4-5 days ago I started noticing my noise floor on 160m,
>>> which had been around 4-5, is now running S9 to S9+10.
>>> I did see it stop for a couple of hours on the 2nd day,
>>> but now it's steady all day 24/7.
>>> This is listening either on a vertical or dipole.
>>> It has no distinctive sound, like an arc might have.
>>> It just sounds like my atmospheric noise floor
>>> had a volume control and has been turned up.
>>> I found out to day it goes all the way up to about 5mhz.
>>> 5.00mhz is S9
>>> 5.25mhz is S8
>>> 5.50mhz is S6
>>> 6.00mhz is S5
>>> 7.00mhz is S4
>>> 8.00mhz is S3
>>> S3 all the way to 30mhz

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