[RFI] No noise in house

chuck shinn chuck.shinn at verizon.net
Fri Nov 13 12:40:43 PST 2009

I wonder what bandwidth that you guys are listening for noise ? Ive been 
testing my environment and keeping a log for about
2 years now and generally I open up my receiver to as wide as I can get 
it. In my case that is 9KHz and using AM mode I never seem to be short 
of any measurable amount of  nasty noise.  For some time now I have 
recorded a S Meter reading on S 5  with bad days
approaching S 7. Since I went through and id'd all my worst offenders my 
noise no longer has the raspy buzzy sound of 60 Hz AC lines as it used 
to have. Anyone care to open up your receivers wide open and take a look 
at your local enviro? Thanks in advance. Chas W5PG.

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