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Martin Ewing martin.s.ewing at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 08:27:58 PST 2009

I don't know what's to "take on"...   It's the common problem of too
much "smart" control with too little RFI suppression.  The same thing
applies to my little world globe touch-sensitive lamp in the kitchen.
It lights up in sympathy with my QSOs.  Admittedly, that's less
dramatic than freezing or cooking your sleeping family and/or

The only cure is reducing the RF input to said devices.  Either move
your antenna and/or feedlines away from the device, or apply filtering
to the various inputs and outputs.  (Or QRP or QSY to a less sensitive
frequency.) Electric blanket controls have two or three attached
wires, but you could start with the power cord.  Snap on devices are
easiest, but least effective.  Eight or nine turns on a type 43 or 77
core is much better, but may require surgery.

I wouldn't want to be the one to deal with upset neighbors on this
issue!  Maybe you could quietly tell them about the studies that say
electric blankets cause brain cancer...  But don't let them see the
ones that say the same thing about ham radio.  ;-)

73 Martin AA6E

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 10:48 AM, Dale Frederick <dale.kb5iy at gmail.com> wrote:
> So, has anyone taken on the issue of electric blankets?
> I have encountered one that shuts off when exposed to 40M RF, and another
> that goes into and error mode, when not on.
> dale
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