[RFI] Trane Furnace RFI

Pawlak, Dan L. Daniel.Pawlak at gd-ais.com
Sat Oct 3 08:26:40 PDT 2009

     I'm new to this list. I have a problem with my furnace.
     I bought a new Trane furnace 2 years ago (model # 2TXCB036BC3HCAA) and complained to the installer that I was having problems with RFI on the ham bands. Some bands had more RFI than others. I contacted the manufacturer directly and they worked out a dealer with the installer to add a filter to my furnace (Variable Speed Inducer Kit #KIT14688). It was installed on the ac line inside the furnace, but did not cure the problem completely. I didn't take any S-meter readings before and after it was installed, but it did help somewhat. The RFI only happens when the furnace is running and not the a/c. Has there been any experience with this model furnace? Are there any other measures, like adding ferrite cores, that would help?
Dan Pawlak KF4KKF
Manassas, VA.

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