[RFI] Trane Furnace RFI

Scott Holisky sholisky at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 22:04:19 PDT 2009

Hi Dan - My neighbor bought a new Trane, same issue. My Force antenna
is about 100' from the furnace and it was S-9 in any direction. We get along
quite well and wasn't hesitant about me putting beads on all the lines in
and out of the furnace, including the AC feed. Since the unit is in a metal
box, I drilled a hole in the case and ran a 3 foot #6 ground to the water
main. I did have my FT817 with me and could monitor the reduction which also
allowed her to see and hear the noise. I also grounded around the vibration
rubber boot, on all the corners. My thinking was any RF that leaked out the
top would be allowed to radiate from the duct work. This put the cure on the
beast. I can not hear it any longer.

Had this not worked I was going to install a commercial AC line filter at
the power entrance.

You have the best of all chances to eliminate the RFI, one step at a time!

GL - Scott N0AR   member of the list for two weeks now.

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    I'm new to this list. I have a problem with my furnace.
    I bought a new Trane furnace 2 years ago (model # 2TXCB036BC3HCAA) and
complained to the installer that I was having problems with RFI on the ham
bands. Some bands had more RFI than others. I contacted the manufacturer
directly and they worked out a dealer with the installer to add a filter to
my furnace (Variable Speed Inducer Kit #KIT14688). It was installed on the
ac line inside the

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