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On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 19:19, rbaker <rbaker at cloudnet.com> wrote:
> Hello all--- Does anyone have any information concerning possible RFI
> being produced from a Wind Energy Conversion System ?? There is a
> proposal to put one in our residential area.It will be up on a 40'
> monopole,with a maximum rotor ( blades ??) diameter of 6'8",producing
> 1000/1400w/48volts,depending on wind speed.This is a test case, as our

IIRC, most wind gennies have alternators, so put out AC.  Since the
frequency changes with speed, the charge controller/inverter it has to
be able to deal with that and then convert to a smooth 60 Hz ...
assuming it's grid-tied or otherwise providing AC.  If it's just
charging a battery bank, I believe they are somewhat differently

Write to Home Power magazine - the Publisher (and founder, I think),
is N7BCR.  :-)  He would know or would know where to point you.

(Who hopes to have his own wind genny one day)

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