[RFI] Plasma TV's

Mike Wetzel w9re at comcast.net
Sat Oct 10 17:46:01 PDT 2009

I've searched the archives but can't find much on things to do to reduce the
level of the birdies from Plasma TV's.


My neighbor (about 400 ft away from my 20 meter tower) has 2 LG Plasma TV's
that give me birdies/hash on 20 meters when beaming west over his house.  I
just discovered where the birdies were coming from  today and have not tried
any thing yet.  I think he has several things hooked up to it because he
went to a closet that might have had a TIVO, etc.  All cables are hidden in
the walls.  It is funny because he said he had a service person come out
because his remote wouldn't work (probably because of all the RF).


Can anyone recommend what I might do to try and minimize the RF, other then
don't beam west, buy him another TV, etc.  Can't be bugging these people too
much but they were really accommodating.   They just moved in about 3 months




Mike W9RE 




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