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That is excellent!  Thanks!

I have printed your post and highlighted it in my archives.

 > Christopher E. Brown wrote:
> Every direct drive variable speed washer I have listened to is RF noisy. 
> After noticing issues with my Kenmore I made it a point to bring the HT 
> and "sample" as many as possible and friends/relative/etc places.
> Some had noisy control systems, all of the front loaders had noisy drive 
> systems.
> Mine happens to have a nearly silent control system, onboard electronics 
> can only be picked up with a sense antenna a couple feet from the panel.
> The drive system however, I could clearly hear drum start/run/reverse 
> and spinn cycles, easy to tell what the washer was doing 160-10.
> Since every similar washer I checked was at least as bad, and mine only 
> had motor controller noise I ordered a Corecom filter brick, 10amp, one 
> of the higher end units noted for use on VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) 
> systems.
> I installed inside the washer case where the power cord enters, almost 
> silent (90+ percent gone).  Note, the filter *only* works when the 
> filter body has a very good connection to the washer chassis, leave it 
> floating and it makes no impact on the noise.  I ground the paint off of 
> the inside of the chassis under the filter mounting tabs and used 
> stainless hardware w/ no-ox grease to get a good connection, then 
> removed that panel and cleaned up where the panel bonds to the base 
> panel/frame (where motor controller and motor casings bolt to) to ensure 
> a good connection.
> After that I could only hear it below 40 and it was weak, a 2.4in #31 
> toroid on  the power cable and I can no longer tell when it is running.


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