[RFI] [Elecraft] OT: Maytag Bravos RFI

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Thu Sep 24 09:42:51 PDT 2009

On Thu, 24 Sep 2009 08:58:42 -0700 (PDT), Don Rasmussen wrote:

>The wife gave me the green light to replace our Whirlpool Duet 
washing machine, aside from the terrible interference it put on HF, 
she was not happy with the rinse cycle, it was leaving soap in our 
cloths -and- they were not getting clean. 

>My decision, to abandon high efficiency front load and go back to 
tried and true conventional top load washer that has no 
computer/switcher power supply to hash me.

>Two days ago I bought a top loader, a Maytag Bravos from Fry's at 
$699 marked down $200. Should be a good one right? Nope, S5 
interference across 17m and 20m every 15 khz. Seems they are now 
putting front load technology (computer/switcher) in top load 
washers. The clue is if the washer will only accept HD detergent. 

>So that's two 1K retail machines that I cannot use. 

>Fry's to their credit, hauled off the Bravos washer and brought in 
an LG I had selected. I had avoided the Korean alternative wanting 
to buy US, however the salesman said it was their best line. 

>It is clearly a better quality unit, and even though it is a front 
loader with all the features, it is RF quiet. Hallalujah.

>The new washer is an LG WM0642H. 

>I pray to the heavens that it cleans the cloths. ;-)


Many thanks!  I'm forwarding this email to the RFI list, where there 
has been considerable discussion on this topic. 


Jim K9YC

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