[RFI] Broadcast QRM Splatter on 6985 kHz

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Wed Apr 7 19:27:19 PDT 2010

> splatter isn't overload (although I suspect that it's not). Can someone 
> else
> take a look at this?


I'm using SDR-IQ with my K3 and although WYFR is extremely strong from 
Okeechobee into Jacksonville, I see no evidence of splatter.  In fact, the 
transmit bandwidth looks well controlled.  My guess is that your sound card 
from LP-PAN is overloading.

At approximately 7pm each evening, WYFR shows -20 dBm on SpectraVue when I'm 
using a 40m 1/2-wave vertical dipole.  On the K3, it's well over 60 dB/S9 
with no more segments left to display.

Paul, W9AC 

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