[RFI] Sears battery charger model #200.71222

Missouri Guy n0tt1 at juno.com
Fri Apr 9 17:58:56 PDT 2010

> Thanks for taking this charger back. I have had serious rfi from a 
> neighbor who has an earlier version. Unfortunately it continues... 
> We 
> need to take devices that cause RFI back to the point of sale. 
> Hopefully 
> more hams will follow your lead.
> Steve WB5OMP
Hi Steve,
You're welcome!  I did return it today and politely made sure
the sales person recorded my complaint correctly.  She said
that someone does review each return and complaint, but
didn't know who or where.  I told her that I could
probably cure the noise with a 10-cent part.  She was "amazed".
The ~$75 battery charger doesn't even have an on/off switch.  To
review, it makes noise when there is little or no load on the
charging leads.  So, if a guy, perhaps like your neighbor, 
just disconnects the battery and just lets the leads 
dangle (!!!!) with the charger plugged into the AC wall 
socket, it generates a lot of RFI.  
Somehow, Sears and perhaps others that sell similar units needs to
know about the problem and (heh...heh) do a recall.  Fat chance
of that happening.  

Since the BPL issue is pretty much dead, perhaps a new and
tougher RFI mission is in order?

Charlie, N0TT

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