[RFI] 30m noise problem

jerome schatten romers at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 21 19:38:24 PDT 2010

Greetings -- I was directed here by Roger K8RI after starting this
thread on the AMPS reflector.

I have posted three bandscope photos of 30 my noise problem and four
wave files using AM, FM and SSB detectors at:

The noise has been with me 24/7 (except for one short break I had: one
day of no noise a few days ago). That said, it peaks at 10.1 mhz and
tails off to no problem at 6.5 mhz and 12 mhz. The train of spikes
starts abruptly as you will see and repeats every 68-70 khz. The train
moves slowly up and down maybe 50 khz in an hour.

I've run the transceiver on battery power and shut off the main house
breaker with no change in noise.

Perhaps the unusual high amplitude start and tail off to nothing in 70
khz will mean something to someone?

I've been using a portable sw radio in the immediate neighborhood tuned
to 10mhz, but it's difficult to hear the fine structure of the
modulation with only the am detector that is available; that is,
everything just sounds like line noise. In essence, I'm not sure if I'm
listening to my interference or general line noise of which there is a
goodly amount.

I can null the line noise out with my mfj noise canceller or I can null
out the offending noise spikes, but not at the same settings, so there
are two different noise sources methinks. 

Thanks for any ideas of what the train of spikes might be!
Jerome - VA7VV Vancouver

p.s. if you have trouble with the wav files, try playing them with

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