[RFI] solar intertie inverter...RFI ???

ny9h ny9h at arrl.net
Sat Apr 24 02:25:01 PDT 2010

As i get ready to commit to a 10kw solar array, i wanted to feel 
comfortable about NOT getting crud from the inverter. It's a Froniac


So i got a location where the contractor has one installed.  i drove 
over to Greenberg,PA.. (40 miles away)... and found the 60 foot wide array ,,,
I was hoping to use my car 706 to tune around, but the sky above had 
big hi tension stuff,,,, ( what a place to have a house ??)
I took my kenwood f6 in ssb & am .,..and probed around the inverter box.
All was quiet except at the very top of the box, where i could find 
some hash.Gone within a foot distance. I take this to mean there 
exists the possibility that I might be able to ear some crud if I 
have this system on my property. Is it nor reasonable to believe that 
I could choke what little junk is coming from the box???
I will insert a clause in the contract,  requiring the contractor to 
modify the equipment or equipment enclosure to remove or reduce any 
interference caused to, or from the owner's radio equipments.
But does anyone , anywhere , have any experience with the Fronius product,
being a EU build, I suspect it is actually very quiet.
tnx  bill

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