[RFI] Working with the Power Company (was: Privileged treatment)

kd4e doc at kd4e.com
Thu Feb 11 17:32:10 PST 2010

This illustrates that once they teach you that they
are not interested in doing the right thing you bring
the house down on them.

Make it so uncomfortable via regulatory intervention,
from the government that you are paying for, that they
will decide that it is less expensive and less hassle
to fix the problem.

You don't start with the regulators but only go there
when the utility obviously has no intention of doing
the right thing.

Yes, you will then have to keep after the government
folks to keep the pressure on, but they tend to respond
better to suggestions of public (letters to the editor)
compliments than do utility companies who have functional

It remains an interesting opportunity for the ambulance-
chasers ... errr ... tort lawyers ... to apply jamming
regs vs utility companies (BTW:  It isn't only the power
companies, it is also the phone and frequently the cable

> Jon D. Garner wrote: This here illustrates just why it's
> often very hard to get RFI resolved.


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