[RFI] What the ARRL has power line noise?

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Don't lose your sense of humor or adventure. We don't have to agree. If we
did we'd never learn anything.
Every now and then we have a tendency to kick the horse too many times.
Let me change the subject. I often get replies to messages and never get to
see what a person is replying to. Does that make sense? I say this because I
missed the "storm". But missing that one is ok, I've had enough storms for a
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I must say I've ignited quite the storm!

I apologize for my  incorrect remarks, I've been taught when everyone  
thinks you are wrong, you are wrong, even if you think your right.

It still seems odd to me, but I'll now agree that the RFI at W1AW is a  
good thing. Sorry to have bothered you all.

I'll leave the posting to the people who know something. Yeah I know,  
Don't let the door hit me in the butt on the way out. 8^)

- Mike N3LI -

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