[RFI] Snow and Power Lines

Dave Harmon k6xyz at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 16 14:16:47 PST 2010

I dunno how normal this is but being rural.....it happens.
The power folks say they would be happy to fix it but because of the soft
ground they can't get to any poles that are beyond reach of the lift truck
parked in the street...ie, the ground is too soft to support the truck.
As to why it gets noisy....I can only guess but likely the cold temps makes
things contract causing problems.


Dave Harmon
Sperry, Ok.

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It is quite common at my QTH to have a light snowfall result in lots  of 
power line QRN. After the snow stops, within a day or so things are
back to normal, even though one can see snow laying on insulators and the  
Is this a natural, unavoidable outcome of snow, or does this sort of noise  
occur because of some preexisting problem (other than salt or other dirt,  
which would wash away in a rain), with the snow causing the problem to 
become  apparent?
Or in other words, is it worthwhile to try to track down and report  such 
noise, or would that only result in me getting cold, and possibly the  power

company coming out to chase noise that is not their fault?
73  -  Jim   K8MR 
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