[RFI] Wal-Mart to Put Radio Tags on Clothes - WSJ.com

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Credit cards and DL are magnetic strips (for now).
The technology that Walmart is and has been using is RFID. Pretty much the
same technology as EZPASS. I don't know if you have that in your state, but
I'm sure you have something like it.
Here is an article on RFID. There is lots of info on the web. I don't think
at this point we need to be overly concerned with security of our info. This
technology is not brand new. It has been around for a while it has just been
cost prohibitive for most industries. The cost now is getting reasonable and
I believe we will see RFID everywhere within a couple of years.


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I presume that these are the type that only "transmit" when
the scanner induces enough energy inductively to cause them
to do so?



BTW:  Is an aluminumized static bag sufficient to shield credit
cards and driver's licenses from undesired scanning or is something
more robust required?

Just curious ...  :-)


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