[RFI] Does a power pole generating RFI always generate ultrasonics?

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I'll be on the road for the next few hours and I'd like to hear your noise.
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able to talk to you while traveling.

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Subject: [RFI] Does a power pole generating RFI always generate ultrasonics?


I'm tracking a power pole near my QTH that is generating RFI from 15m on
up.  With a combination of HF and VHF antenna, I'm pretty sure I've
tracked to the correct pole.  This pole is generating more of a
"cracking/poping" form of RFI rather than a constant arc like RFI.


I recently built an Ultrasonic detector as an additional tool in my bag
- it seems to work as I can hear tire noise, rubbing fingers, rat
repeller etc...  BUT...


When I check out this pole, I can't hear anything ultrasonic wise.


So my question...


Does a power pole generating RFI ALWAYS generate ultrasonics that are
strong enough to be heard from the ground?



Stu K6TU

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