[RFI] Handheld Rx for Topband

Fri Mar 12 06:43:40 PST 2010

The little Grundig G5 is good for that.  Does am/fm/sw and has dsb with a
bfo, so its not real good for ssb unless the band is fairly wide open,
though it does have a 'narrow' filter setting.  There are probably some of
their other little am/fm/sw rigs that would be good for that also.

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> Apologies but not exactly rfi but similar.
> Like practically everyone else I'm waging a constant war against the QRM
> found in modern day residential areas. I've often thought that it would be
> much easier to track down the QRM sources if I had a portable receiver but
> I've been unable to find one here in the UK that covers top band. Quite
> often I've found that devices emit modest QRM in the AM broadcast bands
> but
> that the levels rise strongly above 1.7Mhz and in these cases a normal
> broadcast portable isn't a great deal of help.
> Can anyone give me the model number of a reasonably priced radio that
> covers
> 2MHz that's available in Europe? Alternately I will be visiting the US in
> April and could arrange for delivery to my hosts there.
> Thanks for your help.
> 73
> Graham G8EWT
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