[RFI] Which filter to use?

Eduardo Somoano C co8ly at frcscu.ciges.inf.cu
Mon Apr 4 16:37:10 PDT 2011

Dear friend David

I use the Drake TV-1000 and I built several filters that I found Web,
regrettably with
none could eliminate the ITV in the Channel 2 when I transmit in 20, 10 and

My opinion is that any form doesn't exist of eliminating ITV for harmonic in
the channel 2.

If somebody says the opposite that demonstrates it to me with facts....

Strong hug.  73.-

Eduardo. CO8LY
Santiago de Cuba .- Cuba

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Has anyone swept these filters?

I'm considering their use on the output of a broadband 1.5KW
PEP/750W CW 160-6M solid state amp to knock-down harmonics.

Drake TV-1000-LP 30MHz 1KW  (17, 15, 12M)

Nye Viking Model 020-001  (10M, 6M)
[HF Low Pass Filter.  Rated at 3 KW continuous, all mode,
5 KW peak.  FLAT, low loss, passband and stopband with over
65dB attenuation above 57 MHz.]

Or, are there specific alternative products you can recommend
for this application, please?



Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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