[RFI] New to list...

Dave Cole dave at nk7z.net
Wed Apr 6 06:13:54 PDT 2011


I am new to this list, and you can probably guess why. :)  Name is
Dave, call is NK7Z.  I hope this is the correct list for this sort of
question.  If not, please forgive...  I looked in the archives, and
was unable to locate anything to help with a noise problem I am

All of a sudden a few months ago, I have an incredibly strong broadband
noise on only 40 Meters.  I have a clip of it at:
I added a reference of no noise on 75 at the front, and a quick switch
between 75 and 40 a few times at the end.

My 40 Meter noise level used to be around S1 or 2.  Now it is S9 to 10
over almost 7 X 24.  I have a graph of S Meter value vs time at:

Broadband, maybe .75 MHz wide, (could just be the passband of my
Antenna).  Tried to track it, and can't find it with a portable

If I take the SW receiver to my Vertical, and hold it near, the noise
is strong, very strong...  Thinking I had something going on in the
house, I pulled the cable from the antenna at the base, and it is still
strong, so the Vertical is re-radiating it...  Any suggestions on how
to locate this noise, or what it might be?  I have checked the Power
Line, and I do hear it there, so I killed power to the house and tried
the Vertical test again, same noise...



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