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Dave Cole dave at nk7z.net
Wed Apr 6 18:48:13 PDT 2011


Thanks for the heads up...  I think I need to get a radio which will
hear the noise, then start tracking based on strength...  I'll dig out
the old low band rig, put it in the car, and see what I can find...
Hopfully it will be something simple, but I don;t think so...  

What gets me is that my vertical is sitting out about 100 feet from
anything, and the signal is just way too strong...  That and it is only
on 40 Meters...  Off to Radio Shack to get a better SW rig...


On Wed, 6 Apr 2011 09:56:51 -0400
"Larry Parker" <ve3edy at cogeco.ca> wrote:

> Hi Dave,
>  I had a similar RFI problem as you are having a very broad band
> static covering all of 160m,80, and 40m.
> It turned out to be  the undercounter low voltage pucks lighting in
> my recently purchased new home.
> At first I blamed sources outside of the QTH as to where the noise
> was coming from. Driving around the block lead me back to my QTH as
> the source of this RFI when the lighting was turned on.
> It was the low voltage power supply which converts 120 vac to 12 vac
> operating at 20 khz. which supplies the voltage to the halogen lamps.
> This under counter has unsheilded GTF wire daisy chained with three
> puck lights on an approx 4 foot long harness. In my case I had two
> sets of this lighting (6 lamps) in total generating this RFI.
> Possible you have a neighbor doing some renovations to a kitchen that
> may be the source of your RFI. It took me at least three months to
> final realize it was my location at fault.
>  Good Luck  

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