[RFI] Passive Cellphone Repeater?

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Sun Apr 17 11:06:10 PDT 2011

> Go spend about about $100 on a small UPS.

$39.95 on sale at OfficeMax today.  :-)

> Passive is possible, but you would need.
> Exterior and interior antennas matched to the bands used by the cell
> carrier.  Note, _bands_, not band.  Most carriers will be running one
> high, one low (example, 800/1900), but the specifics vary with
> technology type (GSM v.s. CDMA) and specific carrier.


> A very short run or very low loss coax (low loss at up to 2Ghz).


> Ideal external antenna placement.

Not a problem putting a beam outside and pointing it SE at the

> A _very_ strong signal.

More elements, at these frequencies there's not much weight or
wind-resistance ...

I can homebrew a beam and I have a variety of coax from flexible
hardline w/N-type connectors, low-loss coax w/SMA's, and the usual
Ham coax.  The length will be fairly short.

> 2) Farther away with perfect line of sight to the tower with a well
> aimed high-gain directional on roof.

# 2 would be the situation.

Sounds like a fun challenge ... as time permits.




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