[RFI] New annoying noise just started

doc at kd4e.com doc at kd4e.com
Sun Aug 7 11:03:11 PDT 2011

Did it stop him from barking?

Package and sell it - then share the wealth!  :-)

BTW:  I just spotted a 300' or longer wire that is up 20'
for 150-200' then goes through a culvert over to a pig-pen
area.  I am told it carries the power for the electric fence.
It looks like a single strand.  It is a mile+ from the QTH
and so far I have not detected any RFI ...

> My dog was mesmerized by it, maybe it’s a message from the k9 mother ship.
> Sounds like a bad lamp ballast to me, what is the bandwidth you hear it
> over?
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