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Thanks Steve!

Yeah, as a matter of form I should have written that,
but someone else did - and you have affirmed it.

Depending upon the distance from the panels to the storage
one may choose to locate the inverter at the panels (if a
long distance to the batteries) while if close the inverter
would be near the batteries.  (Panel voltage, single or summed,
would play a role in that voltage-drop associated inverter-
placement decision.)

If the problem-case here involves a Harbor Freight system
then they will want to change-out the charge-controller/
inverter anyhow.

> Solar panels do not emit rfi. inverters and charge controllers can.
> Steve Spence Director, Green Trust http://www.green-trust.org
>> I have copied Steve Spence who is very familiar with solar
>> equipment - he may have some knowledge of the ones that are
>> RF-clean and not.
>>> Jim Brown wrote: On 8/19/2011 1:22 PM, K1TTT wrote:
>>>> Good equipment, installed properly, should be quiet.
>>> N6RO recently installed a large system, and it's also quiet. My
>>> neighbor about 300 ft from my antennas installed a system over
>>> the winter, and I'm hearing it pretty strong on some bands,
>>> especially 6M during the daylight hours.  We need to have a
>>> conversation. :)
>>> 73, Jim K9YC


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