[RFI] Solar Panel RFI - Noise begins

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Mon Aug 22 19:30:49 PDT 2011

This guy can hook you up with either brand:

Steve Spence
Director, Green Trust
sspence at green-trust.org

> My friend, and experienced alternative-energy guy, wrote:
> "morningstar on the low end, outback on the highend. harbor freight
> units shouldn't even be called controllers. more like battery destroyers."
>> Someone mentioned previously that the controllers supplied by Harbor
>> Freight are noisy.
>> I was wondering what controllers are known to be quiet?  I have four
>> sets of the Harbor Freight panels (and four of their little
>> controllers) -- a total of 12 panels for about 180 watts with four
>> communications grade batteries for a remote location.
>> I'd like to find a quiet controller with a 30 amp rating (or greater
>> for possible future expansion).  Any suggestions?
>> Thanks  --  John  W0UN


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