[RFI] Interference from AC units

Gary Smith wa6fgi at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 28 08:59:41 PDT 2011

Recently I contacted a couple of A/C system installers in my area regarding the possibility of RFI to my HF rigs.

One didn't have a clue waht I was talking about, the second promised all kinds of dollar savings and such along with no worries about RFI. When I politely asked him to put that in writing, he not only declined to do so, but also added that this boss had told him to stay away from that subject.

Won't go on about my suggesting that his boss may already be aware of noise interference, but did notice that as the conversation wore on, he seemed to gain more anxiety towards leaving our home.

Both were Trine equipment dealers.

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  I did a lot of research on air handlers (and posted here) before I bought my 
  95% efficient Carrier furnace last year. Although you are looking for a 
  replacement condensing unit (not an AHU), Carrier might be a good place to 
  start. There was lots  of flack regarding Trane's high efficiency AHU and 
  there may still be concern with the trane line. The problems seem to center 
  on variable speed motor drives that increase efficiency (and cost) but may 
  also line you up for a tax or utility company rebate. My carrier AHU has 
  such a drive but it's RF quiet.

  Check the archives of this discussion group ... a lot of good 
  recommendations regarding getting RFI issues settled BEFORE purchase....

  Mel KJ9C 

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