[RFI] Wireless Baby Monitors transmit video of unknowing families

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Fri Feb 11 20:49:13 PST 2011

Yup, just way further and without any security, than the owners think 
they are.

Get yourself an inexpensive wireless backup camera for your car and
just connect the receiver - then drive around the back side of some
businesses and be amazed what you see - they often use non-secure
video camera transmitters on the same frequency!

People need to start using their brains if they want any privacy
left at all.

Google's response to angry people, when they eavesdropped using vans
driving up and down public roads, was that people had no right to
expect any privacy.

> : Wireless Baby Monitors transmit video of unknowing families:
> Doing precisely what they were purchased for...
> That's hilarious, talk about hype and BS.
> Next up, "Hot" coffe is HOT, lawsuits expected to follow!  Oh- wait...
> Kurt


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