[RFI] U-Verse problem update

Martin Ewing martin.s.ewing at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 18:54:16 PST 2011

AT&T has "serious" line isolator filters for both Cat5/6 and RG-6 (HPNA).
They installed some in my U-verse setup and they helped considerably in at
least one case (a sensitive STB).  Some of the U-verse guys know about these
(and know how to order them out of AT&T) and some of them don't.

Around here (CT), it seems that many of the U-Verse techs are on short-term
loan from other parts of the country, and they vary in their knowledge and
experience of RFI issues.

The filters are labeled "AT&T Westell" 080-500550 (RJ45) and 080-500548
(Type F).  Not Western Electric, sigh...

73 Martin AA6E

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