[RFI] RE HVAC issue

doc at kd4e.com doc at kd4e.com
Thu Feb 17 12:51:58 PST 2011

I looked into Carrier and they require one to go through an
authorized dealer - which increases the cost dramatically -
and they will not support grey-market units.

Thanks for the info, hopefully it will help others.

> I did a qucik survey back in November before replacing my furnace with
> a new Carrier Infinity 95% efficient unit that has no RFI
> You might look in the archives for that time period. There are only 7
> U.S.manufacturers although there are 25+ brands. Carrier is made in
> the US although some components are outsourced (as with most companies)
> Mel KJ9C
> Does anyone have recent experience with a *specific model*
> we can still order that proved RFI-quiet?


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