[RFI] tvi by a scart cable

Kostas Stamatis sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Sun Feb 27 01:19:00 PST 2011

I had connected recently a satelite receiver in my tv.
While i hadn't any problem with tvi in my own tv until now, when i connected 
this receiver i had tvi. In some bands the tvi was even i had only 100w. I 
tried ferrites mix 31 in all cables, many turns, etc with no result. I 
disconnected any other cable and left only the scart cable and i saw that 
the problem was still there. So i tried to change this scart cable. I bought 
one and the problem dissapeared. I don't use any ferrite now. By the way i 
have the impression that the picture of the satelite reciever is also 
better. Just for a future reference to all.
73 Kostas sv1dpi 

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