[RFI] trane air handlers

Mark n2qt n2qt at verizon.net
Mon Jul 11 12:49:02 PDT 2011

I'm new to the list, prompted by the need to replace a failed heat pump.  I 
have read the
archives but while I found much to worry me I did not find the specific 
models that are
being quoted to me.

I did avoid the variable speed air handlers but there seems to still be 
concern with the 3/4
fixed speed type.

Specifically I am interested in the Trane

4TEC3F24A1000A    air handler and
4TWB3024A1000A   condenser unit

I have also read about the Variable Speed Inducer Kit #KIT14688 being 
supplied for RFI reduction
but with less than stellar results.

I have enough noise from the neighborhood without adding to it!

Mark n2qt

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