[RFI] Signal or Noise on 14.200

Karin Anne Johnson karinann at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Oct 19 14:44:36 PDT 2011

Hello All:

I've been experiencing a strange signal/noise centered at 14.200 MHz.  I am
located in Palm Harbor,

Florida near Tampa.  I have used the WebSDR of W4AX who is located up near
Atlanta, GA and am

hearing the same signal/noise on the WebSDR.  Although a bit weaker.  I am
wondering if anyone

else is hearing a similar signal/noise in the SouthEast US.  As always I
have killed the power to my

house and it is definitely not coming from inside the house.  It could be
something else common to 

many areas of the country, DSL?  ADSL?  Cable?


I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who might be suspicious about hearing the
same noise.  This 

signal/noise started about two weeks ago and seems to be there at varying
strengths 24/7.

I don't have any rotatable antennas so can't localize it with respect to


BTW, this signal is a bit difficult describe in words, I can make a
recording if anyone

is really, really curious,suffice to say I don't believe it to be line noise




Karin Anne Johnson  K3UU   PE

Palm Harbor, Florida

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