[RFI] RFI to and from adjacent cell site

Patrick wa4tuk-rf at comcast.net
Fri Sep 2 16:42:15 PDT 2011


Someday in the next few years I hope to relocate to a house with greater 
acerage where I may pursue ham radio without neightbors being too 
close.  I had in mind 3 or more arces so that I might run legal limit on 
the HF bands without bothering too many of my neighbors.

I was earlier today looking at a property for sale (just browsing 
realtor sites online) that pretty much meets all of our requirements. 
When looking at a satellite view of the house and land I found a cell 
tower probably not over 200 feet away from the house.

This close to a cell site might be a real problem (or not).  I can 
imagine that switching supplies and computers may cover the HF bands 
with switching hash.  I can also imagine that a KW on 75 meters might 
also make it's way into the cell system equipment giving the cellular 
operator a fit. Regardless of who is technically right or wrong, I don't 
need to buy into aggravation.

Does anyone have any personal experience with living adjacent to a cell 
sight with HF gear?


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