[RFI] UPDATE: New annoying noise just started

Rick Scott w7psk at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 10:23:55 PDT 2011

Power line company finally listened to me after I went pole searching and found 2. I sent multiple EMAILS with copies of the noises and the Pole Numbers. I used my Grundig G6 with a whip and just drove around the area till I found it.

They came out and found 4 poles bad and are in the process of fixing them.  

Some one asked me about the my take on the ARRL help on my previous RFI issue.  

I can tell you I did not contact them this time.  My Last noise the RFI rep drug things out for almost 7 months till the issue went away.   He would send me a question about every other week, and after a while started repeating the questions. He never once came to my house to help DF the issue.  I never did find it and Im sure it will come back.

I would say the ARRL RFI people in Western Washington are pretty much useless in helping are not responsive and I wont be contacting them ever again on issues.

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