[RFI] UPDATE: New annoying noise just started

ron roncasa at verizon.net
Thu Sep 8 09:31:13 PDT 2011

On 09/08/2011 11:34 AM, Jim Brown wrote:
> On 9/8/2011 6:54 AM, Hare, Ed W1RFI wrote:
>> Actually, as it turns out, it's probably me who was making an assumption not true.:-)   I didn't realize that Jim had moved to California, so it would have been another consultant that was involved, also a paid gun.  Lets just say that he is not quite the boy scout that Brian is. He is capable of finding power-line noises, using the correct equipment, but he has a direct people-skills approach that takes a bit of getting used to.
>> In most areas, though, the local help is indeed volunteer.
> Thanks for all of your posts on this topic, Ed. Yes, I moved to CA in
> 2006, and have fallen into the NCCC crowd, a particularly good bunch of
> guys.  Lots of good brain power out here.

interesting, the "update: new annoying noise just started" involved a 

well, no one changed the subject, I had to ask ....

Ron, wb1hga

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