[RFI] BCB interference on 160

rick darwicki n6pe at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 13 19:42:20 PDT 2011

Hi all,
I recently built a sheilded RX loop for 160 per N6RKs Contest Jouranal artical. It is diode tuned and covers about 1.5-4 mhz. I am hearing two AM radio stations on 1830 khz.
They are 640 and 1190 combined. 640 is a 50KW station about 12 miles east and 1190 runs about 1.5 kw at night.
The anetnna is all sealed up and on the roof. I would like to cure the problem without changing to back to back tuning diodes. 
I'm thinking a series trap tuned to 1190 or 640 or both. Maybe a high pass filter.
Any suggestions? I can built it, I don't want to spent $200 for the W3s highpass hi hi

Rick, N6PE
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