[RFI] Fisher Price Baby Monitor

Jeff Blaine jeff at ac0c.com
Thu Sep 29 20:51:29 PDT 2011


I bought a Philips Avent unit.  It's digital and I think has a 5.8 Ghz link.  Pretty expensive but it has great quieting which made 
the wife happy.

And after I swapped the crib side power supply (a switcher) with a linear unit - the combo are neither sensitive to my ham 
activities nor do they generate any contribution to the noise floor/spikes.  And this made the old man (me) happy as well.

73, Jeff ACØC

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Those are notoriously susceptible to outside RFI, I doubt there is any
filtering what-so-ever and the 14 MHz 4th harmonic and 28 MHz 2nd harmonic
are close enough to walk right into the receiver.


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