[RFI] Samsung refrigerator RFI

myles landstein myles.landstein at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 17:32:08 PDT 2012

Funny you mention that  not to long ago I got the LG refrigerator  two top double doors  and 2 bottom sliding freezer drawers.

I stood by a working Samsung in the store which was plugged in, almost got it, noticed it even caused noise on my cell phone 

Got lucky it throws out a bit of wide noise but only w/in a few feet of the unit   and since the unit hardly comes on much it seems to be ok RF wise

Just tested around 1-54mhz  do a little 2m/440  work but didn't hear anything thou i didn't  sweep 

Seems like a ok fridge  but not  recomending it or not, just sharing my experience.



On Aug 8, 2012, at 5:13 PM, Mel Crichton wrote:

> My wife was so proud of herself when she bought a new Samsung side by side 
> refrigerator with energy saving compressor. Yes, it runs quiet and doesn't 
> use much juice, but the compressor drive has a 5 KHz supply, and as luck 
> would have it, it wipes out all the HF bands every 5 KHz. To make matters 
> worse, beside the 5 KHz birdie there's serious hash between the birdies. If 
> I want to operate, I kill the breaker to the refrigerator. This isn't doing 
> the fridge any good. I threatened to return the fridge but she threatened 
> other things. I may find a way to make it self-destruct.
> I called Samsung  USA and they kept me on the phone for a half hour looking 
> for any tech support inside Samsung USA who might know of a fix. (My guess 
> is, inadequate shielding and probably a square wave generator). No dice.... 
> they are not aware of this problem.
> Any help out there? The warranty isn't expired yet, but I will be removing 
> screws in the next few days. I may get lucky with some simple shielding 
> (Already wrapped the AC cord in ferrites)
> In the meantime, BEWARE of Samsung energy saving refrigerators. If you are 
> considering any top-end refrigerator, take a portable radio  with you to the 
> appliance store and make them turn the unit on to full cooling.
> Mel KJ9C 
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