[RFI] Dell D505 PA-10 PS

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For starters, go to the K9YC website and read the mountains of info Jim has posted there.  You must read carefully and thoroughly - don't be in a hurry.  If you have any beads or cores, some Type 43 material might work.  But ... I must also ask:

1.  Do you get the hash ONLY when using the power supply?

2.  If so, have you checked with a sniffer probe to verify that the problem is radiated emissions from the cords and not from the body of the power supply?

3.  I am not familiar with the PA-10 pwr sup.  Is that a Dell product?  Does it bear FCC and/or CE markings?

FWIW: I have a new Dell Latitude that uses a Dell MK947 pwr sup (made FOR Dell, not by Dell).  I have not tried it near radios and/or antennas as yet, but it does have the FCC and CE marks.  That means it has to meet FCC Part 15, Class B emissions, which are still "loud" enough to screw up radios if the unit is close to antennas.

FYI: The European CE mark means that the pwr sup (and computer, when so marked) will withstand 3 V/m of RF.  Our regulatory cousins across the Atlantic had more stones than the FCC did in demanding some minimal susceptibilty capability.  I look for the CE mark when shopping for hardware.

73, Dale

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>I just got a refurbished Dell D505 with XP Pro to handle some of my 
>legacy programs that wont run on this 64-bit Win7 OS.  The PA-10 PS with 
>it puts out a lot of trash 50-150 MHz (and probably elsewhere).
>What ferrites (material, size) and number of turns thru would be the 
>best bet on its cords to reduce/eliminate that RFI ?
>73, Pat - WA5IYX
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