[RFI] Alvarion Pro 6000 Wireless Internet Hardware?

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 13 07:06:08 PDT 2012

I am considering wireless Internet using the ISP Xplornet, popular here in 
Canada. The dealer tells me they use the Alvarion Pro 6000 4G type wireless 
Internet equipment (~ 3.5 GHz range).

Has anyone here had experience, good or bad, with the Alvarion hardware 
causing interference on the HF bands?

Since this wireless Internet stuff is new to me, is there anything at all I 
should be aware of in the RFI department before making the switch?  Right 
now the HF QRM floor noise at our rural location is, for the most part is 
next to none, so you can see my concerns in wanting to keep it that way.

Your input is greatly appreciated,
Eric - VE3GSI

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