[RFI] MFJ 1026 used with K3

dalej dj2001x at comcast.net
Sat Aug 18 16:17:45 EDT 2012

Hello Smith,

I use the 1026 and K3.  The 1026 is connected to the RX IN and RX OUT.  I use it to suppress a neighbor's dimmer light.  I also have the TimeWave ANC4 and it works equally good.  I use it on another rig and switch the noise antenna with a two position coax switch.  My noise antenna is about 40 feet long and positioned on the lot line nearest to the noise.

It used to be a quiet area at my location, but since about the middle 1990's it has become riddled with all sorts of garbage noise.  My belief is there is very little if any oversight on electronic and electrical devices and the industry seems to do their own thing however way it saves them money.  I would like to see more stringent mandatory testing of all these gadgets and electrical devices paid for by the mfg, BEFORE they can be placed on shelves for sale, then testing later from randomly picked off the shelve items to assure the production lots are maintaining the same standard as the testing subject.  This should be all paid by the mfg and independent test labs do the work, NOT their own labs. Results submitted to the FCC for review and possible corrective action including fines and removal of the offending device from sales.   

The part 15 sticker on the bottom is not enough.  

That's my little soapbox rant, hi.
Dale, k9vuj

On 18, Aug 2012, at 14:25, stbradford <stbradford at insightbb.com> wrote:

> In my quest to silence a nearby plasma television 
> I have turned to the MFJ 1026. Last night on 40 
> meters it proved it's worth and I worked D64K. I 
> am interested in other operators experience with 
> the unit. Between the K3 "noise reduction" and the 
> MFJ the signal was easy copy without the plasma noise.
> My main antenna is the Gap "Titan Dx" and the 
> noise antenna is a random attic dipole broadside 
> to the plasma tv set. Distance to the front of the 
> tv set is around 150 feet.
> Smith Bradford
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