[RFI] A new noise

thornton ash thorntonash at comcast.net
Sun Aug 26 13:21:37 EDT 2012

Several months ago I started hearing a new noise, strongest on 80M, but up to 40M as well. Almost sounds like bad CW or arcing and is about 5-8 Hz wide occurring every 100 Hz or so. It shift around in frequency, moving up or down 20-30 Hz.

We had a power failure today and was able to listen during the failure and it had disappeared, back with the power on. So, I know it is probably in a neighbors house.

 I will be checking with a portable Rcvr , but so far I can only hear it my 80 & 40 arrays. I plan on constructing an 80M loop which should help for walking the neighborhood.

Any suggestions.



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