[RFI] ARRIS box and 8 garage doors on 315.030

Jim Miller KG0KP JimMiller at STL-OnLine.Net
Tue Aug 28 09:36:09 EDT 2012

I was called about 8 garage doors not working in a subdivision all in the 
same general area maybe 200 yards in diameter.  The problems were all 
discovered on Sunday and the neighbors became aware each other within a few 
days.  These were all "new" openers being the replacements for older ones 
that had quit.

Long story and I wasn't SURE but it sure looked like an Arris box on the 
outside of one of the houses in the neighborhood.  The resident was not home 
so couldn't have him disconnect power to it.  I told the fellow who called 
me that it may be as simple as a bad connection on a coax end and replacing 
the connector may very well fix the problem or that it could be a bad 
component such as a power supply that the company would replace.  I had also 
told him of other common RFI causing devices.

A couple of the residents then went to the homeowners association and the 
president went up and talked to him.  Of course, he "hadn't had anything 
installed" (two of his neighbors saw it being installed the day before they 
discovered the problem).

The problem disappeared and so far is still gone.  Also seen a couple of 
times was this guy watching wireless TV out on his deck.  Possibly the 
transmitter for the wireless TV?   And now he turned off the transmitter? 
For how long?

Well, at least it looks like I found the problem for them.

Not experienced at this but this makes two now.

73, de Jim KG0KP 

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