[RFI] Amtrak electric noise

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 10 20:17:12 EST 2012

: It appears that may be my required solution. I'd rather deal with the
: entity in the company whose mandate it is to fix these issues.
: At least it appears Amtrak is the culprit. I may have one string to
: tug but its a thin one.

It's been my experience that a large entity always blows off the "little
weirdo with noise in his radio"...  The chances of finding the right guy who
actually knows what the problem is, or cares, could take a day, week,
decade, or never happen.  I hate to see it, but to them, you are nothing but
a headache that will cost them money.  Rates here, time, materials,
personnel, insurance, all told, about $1,000,000/day (Sierra Pacific price
quote) to repair a pole each time someone complains about arcing theat they
are responsible to fix, so, as you can imagine it generally doesn't happen
until another, larger entity gives them a bill for $2,000,000/day to NOT fix
it as required.

In my experience, the PUC is very nice and particularly rabid in getting
things done right.  The FCC, useless in most cases, just flags the problem,
sends a letter, gets resolution.  If not, then it's red flagged and the
fines begin, a fate worse than death for a company.  Better for them to
avoid this and fix it at first notice as not doing it usually sinks them.


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