[RFI] 160M/Modem problem

rick darwicki n6pe at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 17 22:37:24 EST 2012

Thanks to all that responded. The SNR on my DSL line is unaffected by any amount of ferrite I hang on the line, so that is good. However, the recommended filter using four 6.8uh chokes and 3 caps completely cures the problem. I can run a full KW output of dits and surf web pages with no dropouts. I built a second filter for the house phone and it cured any RFI and setting off the ringer.
I used some leftover DSL splitters for the enclosures. Gutted the original board and mounted the new parts without even having to drill any new holes in the PCB.
My SNR was marginal 6.8 - 7.3 usually. I cleaned and tightened the connections on the incoming block and it went up to 8.8. I run CAT 5 from the block about 70 feet to the modem.

Rick, N6PE
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