[RFI] Wall Wart RFI [Was: HDTV: Plasma vs LCD]

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Sat Dec 22 15:20:39 EST 2012

Our teen son has a charger for USB that does the same.

I plugged it into a power strip with a "transformer" outlet
(not the new once that merely make room for a wall-wart but
a small isolation transformer inside the strip) and all of
the powerline RFI went away.

Is anyone aware of power strips that contain effective filters
to block powerline RFI?

Has anyone evaluated common (350-650) UPS devices for RFI filtering?

> : ISTR reading some years ago that many of the Plasma TVs being sold in
> : retail outlets such as Best Buy were not FCC-certified
> Speaking of which, I just picked up a Yeasu FT-60 with a NEW charging system
> for a local OM who doesn't have a credit card for phone orders.  It destoys
> all potential of operating from "DC-Daylight", as noted when the very radio
> intended to be charge was rendered useless in the presence of the charger.
> No FCC logo and made in china, so no surprise.
> Spectrograms and recordings pending...
> Kurt


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