[RFI] HDTV: Plasma vs LCD

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The charger for the FT60 is not a unique situation.  I purchased an Icom
AD-91A HT earler this year - its receiver covers AM b'cast band thru 1 GHz
or so.  The Icom charger (rig was bought new, in-box, from a reputable
dealer) is a switcher and wipes out AM b'cast and HF coverge while in use. 
Reception on 2m and 70cm is fine with the switcher running and charging the
battery pack..

Does the no-name charger wipe out reception on VHF and UHF?  If so, it is a
real "screamer"!  The Icom charger has the FCC logo and I have no doubt
that unit meets applicable Part 15 specs.  The problem is that Part 15
makes no provision to protect the MF and HF (below 26 MHz) spectrum from
radiated emissions.  Similar things happen when using the supplied Samsung
charger for my cell phone or the supplied Dell power supply for my laptop. 
If there is an AM b'cast band receiver operating within 3 or 4 feet of any
of these chargers/power supplies, the signals are wiped out when any of
these switchers are powered.  I am sure that HF would also be affected, but
my antennas for HF are far enough from the house that unwanted emissions
from Part 15 devices are not detected.    

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> : ISTR reading some years ago that many of the Plasma TVs being sold in
> : retail outlets such as Best Buy were not FCC-certified
> Speaking of which, I just picked up a Yeasu FT-60 with a NEW charging
> for a local OM who doesn't have a credit card for phone orders.  It
> all potential of operating from "DC-Daylight", as noted when the very
> intended to be charge was rendered useless in the presence of the
> No FCC logo and made in china, so no surprise.
> Spectrograms and recordings pending...
> Kurt 
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