[RFI] Radar Engineers RFI Analyzers - Scope Pictures of RFI

Alan Robinson robinsah at engr.orst.edu
Tue Dec 25 16:35:12 EST 2012

Hi Charlie,

  Attached is a JPEG file showing two scope pictures of RFI. The top picture is using my home receiver. The bottom picture is at the offending utility pole. When this pole was repaired the interference stopped.

  I used this set of scope pictures, and more like it, to convince the utility that there really was a problem and their pole was the cause. I was lucky to have a good experience with them. They were convinced.

  The Radar Engineers receiver was the Model 239, before I aquired a 240A, which is what I use today.

  Sincerely, and 73,

  Alan, W4LKE

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