[RFI] Comp. hangup-possible solution

Ken Eigsti diverken at chaffee.net
Sun Feb 19 13:53:34 PST 2012

RE: Earlier post on computer hangup with RF

TU TU for the great responses. Super reflector.

I think I may have found the path that was causing a lot of xmtr
hangups on 40 meters. (Band where it was the worse)

BTW All mouse and keybaord and Ethernet cables already had toroids and
many coax cables to the rigs.

I increased the power till the computer would hang and I would have to
hit the transmit button on the 756Pro3 to end the transmission. I then
started disconnecting cables until I found, at that power level (which
was about 400 watts), where it would no longer hang.

I have a SHACK-LAN Bandpass filter with the BANDMASTER III.  I put 2
clamp-on toroids on the cable that connects to the BANDMASTER III
input AND the rig control end of the 756. So far I have not been able
to "hang" it, with up to 1 kw. I normally do not run that amount of
power (RTTY contests) but more in the 600 range.

I also found that by turning the 2 element 40 meter beam (@ 90 feet
about 120' from shack) makes a huge difference as to whether it would
hang. i.e. pointed towards shack.

I figure this will work till the middle of the next contest when it
will go south again :-)

Again thanks for all the response but I am puttng it to rest till the
next time I need amps in a RTTY contest.

73 Ken W0LSD

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